Meet The Maker


Hi there! My name is Rachel and I am the owner of Rustic Rays Candle Co. I am the creator of all of the products you know and love!

I have always loved creating things in my free time, whether it be for my house or for gifts or just for fun. Pinterest was my best friend. I also thought it would be so fun to have my own logo and printed apparel to go with it. That's when I came up with the name "Rustic Rays." "Rustic" because that is the theme and feel of the items that I was creating and "Rays" because my brother calls me Ray and adding the "s" just felt right. There's no other explanation, haha!

A few years after creating my brand name, the idea of making soy candles came to mind. Man oh man, did I have a fire lit after that. I researched hours every night, so that way I knew which materials I needed to start with. I kept this whole idea under wraps until the products were almost completely finished and then I launched them via my personal social media pages and word of mouth. Business took off from the beginning and is still going strong! That is when I decided to add "Candle Co." behind my original "Rustic Rays" name and logo.

When I'm not pouring candles or doing something business related, I like to explore new places with my boyfriend, CJ, and pup Newbie. Getting out of my comfort zone (aka my candle studio) is challenging at times, but also so rewarding!